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Wood products - garden decor, gazebos, fencing, garden furniture
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Wood products - garden decor, gazebos, fencing, garden furniture


WOOD is the unique ecologically pure material of construction. Using it you take care about yourself and your family.

MASSIV-DREV LLC manufacture machine rounded wood and ready-made products of pine for landscape design, garden décor, farmland and garden.

To extend the service life of products we do deep impregnation of wood in autoclave using method “vacuum-pressure-vacuum” with ecologically safe Tanalith E.

Having experience in woodworking industry since 2000, “MASSIV-DREV” operates at the world market, having successful mutual cooperation with foreign partners. We organize delivery of our products to Germany, Poland, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Belgium, Holland and other countries of the European Union.




garden furniture

Garden furniture

garden swings

Garden swing

garden decor

Garden decor

decorative fences

Decorative fences

wooden doghouses



For production we use fresh pine wood, which is known for its healing properties as well as magic. They say that products of pine wood clears man’s aura from irrelevant influence. In China and Indochina they treat pine as a magic wood, which brings luck and takes misfortune away.

Pine is quite resistant to biological effects and temperature conditions. The particular feature of pine is that it belongs to easily impregnable wood species.

The company is FSC certified according to the international forest certification scheme of the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC reg. number RA-COC/ CW-002410

MASSIV-DREV LLC - Изделия для сада (без Мебли)

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